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Welcome to your Seaside Castsle on Isle of Palms, SC


Welcome to the Isle of Palms & Your Seaside Castle!

Thank you for stopping by. Over the last year we have making a few updates the furnishings and lighting. We have also put in a new hammock and grill to make the outdoor experience better. We have participated in the bi-annual beach cleanups to ensure that our beach remains the best on the east coast.

Please feel free to post here if you have questions or comments, especially if you have recently stayed at our house or on the Isle of Palms.



We are painting away!

I wanted to update our past and future guests about what we have been up to.  I have moved into the house for the winter and am busy painting the interior and uncovering all the little little thing that need fixing.  It is amazing how many little things that you do not notice until you live with them for awhile.  We are looking forward to this Summer and hosting the great guest we have booked. Please feel free to post here if you have any questions or comments.


What our guest think

Over the next few weeks I will be posting some of the outstanding comments left in our vacation rental guestbook over the years.  Some will be funny, some heart-warming, others will be complementary, and yes even some critical.  I hope this will give you some idea of what to expect if you decide to use our house for your beach week. Please feel free to comment or if they spark a question or two please ask.


Weddings & Receptions

I have been getting a few more calls and emails than usual about having weddings on the Isle of Palms.  We have addressed a few of them on the faq page. But to sum it all up you can have weddings on the beach, however the only commercial activity that is permitted on the beach is photography/video. As far a having weddings & receptions at rental properties, it depends on the property. Weddings & receptions are not banned but the number of guest is limited and enforced.  The maximum number of guests allowed at a rental property is forty-five.  We have had many receptions and weddings at our house with no problems. We do have an addendum to our normal rental agreement and like to discuss the logistics before you book.  For the last two years we have been doing Wednesday – Wednesday rentals in June to accommodate wedding parties.  This allows the family to arrive in town to help out with last minute details as well as allowing them a little time to relax after the big day. Please contact me if I can answer any other questions about weddings or other events.


Getting ready for booking season

We have finished with the holiday decorating! We are updating the pictures today to reflect the updates we made during the fall. We have painted a few more bedrooms, bought some new art work, and furniture. We look forward to booking you for a stay this summer.